Tuesday, April 12, 2016

How to make your neighbors mad...

I think it goes without saying that a quite neighbor is a happy one, either that or they're really anti-social. But which ever way you look at it, if you find yourself living in an apartment complex, this tends to ring more true. 

For instance, take my husband and I. We have been living at our apartment complex for almost 7 months as a couple (newly married) and for me, I've been here for almost a year. Within our time here we have lovingly labeled each person who shares a wall with our home according to their habits...

....while sitting on the couch, hears the door slam. "Guy next door's home!"Dog barking at same time every night "Angry guys puppy needs to potty!"Stuff falling and sounding like tiny tremors "Wine lady is at it again."...

For the most part, besides these random occurrences, our complex has a reputation for being library silent. Well, that is until I start baking something. 

It was a hard reality one day while my husband I were sitting on our couch watching cat videos, that in the midst of our hysterical late night laughter routine, we heard one of our neighbors talking.

OMG! Is that a normal voice level? 

We both became silent and stared at each other.WE ARE THE NOISY NEIGHBORS! This was life shattering I tell you! I am not a person who knowingly or unknowingly likes to cause others inconveniences, and I am very certain that noise is an inconvenience when you share a wall or three. 

Quickly my mind recited every late night baking session I have ever had. Ugh, I hate me. That kitchen aid does not  sound like a tiny harp. So with that horrible realization, the last couple times I've baked, I've tried to be aware of my baking routine. What hour is it? Just because it's morning in Japan doesn't mean it's okay to bake in Oregon. Stupid conscience.

Well, after trying to make life easier for the rest of the world and dealing with a few other things that life was throwing at me. My neighbors have been able to rest easy for the last few months. That is, until this evening! 

But more on that in a second. We have some catching up to do!

I've been trying to tell myself over this last month that I'm still far too young for a midlife crisis but facts are facts people. I quite my job, chopped off my hair and turned 30. Those all seem like pretty self inflicted mid-life things to do if you ask me. But anyways, I've been asking myself a few questions over the past year and now I'm forcing myself to come face to face with them: What is my plan B and do I have one? 

I've had a deep need to do something creative with my life, and what could be one of those avenues for exploration you may ask? Baking of course! but not just baking but maybe every taking up photography as well, and what do I always take pictures of... food, of course! 

So there you have it. Two options for exploration. Baking and Photography.

My only issue though with the second part is that I have an iPhone for a camera. I so badly want a REAL camera. One that you have to manually adjust the focus and that doesn't ring at you or tell you you missed a call from your mom.

Well, I guess my coy and subtle hints that I've been giving my husband, such as: "You know what would make this picture look better? If it was taken on a real camera. You know what would be nice? A camera. I want a camera" finally payed off.

Okay, maybe I'm not actually good at hinting but the day has come and the sky opened up and there were beams of light! Scratch that, So there was no light except the glowing of the candles on my birthday cupcakes and the sky may not have opened up but I did get to open some pretty fantastic gifts. 

What were these fantastic gifts? let me tell you. To start, I got a month subscription to an online course to learn about photography and specifically, food photography! (Thank you to my best friend for that one). And then there is the topper, I'm also borrowing her awesome camera with all the fixings until I go with my husband to pick out my own(Yay husband, good job!).

Now that we went down a very windy rabbit trail, we now find ourselves back to the story about my noisy neighbors. Okay, it's me, I'm noisy. But anyway, with a camera in hand, how can you not be inspired to make something late at night? 

So there you have it, after three long months of no baking or what seemed like any creativity, of any kind. I found myself staring at copious amounts of frozen fruit, with a huge hankering for homemade Sorbet. (I know not baking, but still yummy.)

Since this was my first time making sorbet I didn't know what I was doing. This resulted in what probably felt like an hour to my neighbors but in actuality, I'm pretty sure I spent around 15 minutes trying to bend the fruit in my food processor. 

Apparently, it's challenging to turn rock solid fruits into a silky, smooth, frozen wonderland that is known as sorbet. But, I did it. 

To my neighbors, I apologize. To my husband and my best friend, I say thank you. 

Yay, Sorbet!

Strawberry Lemon Sorbet, mixed with Peach Sorbet.
Bon Appetit!


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